Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The Island of Aphroditi as they call it...

Then again according to the cab drivers, every island is the island of love. Although, this is where I had met my boyfriend... so I guess, it possibly could be.

Now it doesn't matter where you stay in Kithira because you will need a car regardless. You can book them at the airport if you fly, which costs about 50 Euros and is about a half hour, or you take the cheaper option which is the boat...about 20 Euros and a 7 hour boat trip. I usually go on the boat, you tend to meet interesting people there if you are able to make conversation with them. 

The beaches you NEED to visit include:
Chalkos and
These are the prettiest beaches on the island in my opinion. Agia Pelagia is okay, there is a beach near by which won the blue flag (clearest waters in 27 islands from memory) and that has a little bar too. Diakofti has "Mina's" which is cool, they have really nice sweets and are good people, and Avlemonas in my opinion is just over priced (except for the souvlaki store)... though the water is beautiful.

In regards to food, I'd definitely head down to Maria's - It's a seafood restaurant. It doesn't look the best, actually it doesn't look good but it's the freshest seafood on the Island. Now, people may try to deter you from going there but I guarantee you - it's worth it. It's also the cheapest seafood on the Island. Agia Pelagia has the ultimate loukoumades. They are absolutely divine, and Maria (it's a popular name in Greece clearly) has amazing sweets in xora which is the town.

The shopping is also in Xora, but there is really only one worth while store there - It's close to the book store where the courtyard is. A nice cafe with awesome Ice-cream is Fos Fanari in Xora. Lastly, the crepes in Kithira are the best I have ever tasted. My mouth is watering as I.. type. Nutella crepe with cookies is all you need to order, at Bannilia cafe in Kapsali (where all the bars are - the whole two of them!).

Okay enough about my homeland... Off to the other Islands.

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