Sunday, 4 September 2011

Germany and Austria

The Austrian Alps made me speechless! For the first time in my life. Most of the Contiki crew went white water rafting - but I'm not a complete psychopath! (Just a tad scared of water sports). But, whilst they were doing their extreme sport, I took a stroll around and took in the amazing view. Apparently, you can also go quite high without having to properly climb the Alps (with a machine) - so that would be pretty awesome as well.

Other then that, if you are a shopper (which I am assuming you are if you have read this far into my blog), you should make your way to the Swarovski factory! They have these crazy, trippy rooms that you would love, but also the jewellery is well.. half price. Just make sure you keep the receipt because if the stones fall out, you need to prove that its Swarovski to be able to get them replaced (anywhere around the world). 

Next Stop - Munich!
I would suggest a three hour bike trip around Munich as it does the trick. If you hire bikes from Mike's Bike Tours, they can show you around too (of course at extra cost). But you will see everything of importance which is great! 

Other then the normal site seeing, there is no doubt that you need to go to a German beer hall. They are hilarious and quite some fun! The food is great - nice and juicy meat, and the guests will skull beer and cheer eachother on... WITHOUT VIOLENCE. Different to Sydney isn't it! 

Now, in regards to clubbing - the best place to go to is Pacha. We have all heard about this in Sydney, but the best place in Munich is Pacha! Definitely dress to impress!

...bis wir uns wiedersehen...

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