Sunday, 25 September 2011


Pretty little Nice,

The French Riviera - can you ask for more? Not really!

Now, there isn't too much to do in Nice - its more relaxing then anything. Chloe a great friend of mine (mentioned in Monte Carlo) had also accompanied us here. We also squidged her into the Mecure, as the receptionists were quite pleasant. 

Other then going to the beach which is very pretty, you need to eat in Nice!... In the 'Old Town'. It was the best food I had other then the steak in Paris. It was very flavoursome, and not too heavy on the stomach! Do not eat where the markets are though as they tend to over charge for the lack of taste in their food. Walk about five minutes away from the main area and yo will stumble upon beautiful restaurants with an abundance of unique influences. 

The patisserie's are also exquisite. The crunchy pastry with the sweet and soft creamyness on the inside (yes - I do realise creamyness is not a word). It's a nice break from the rush of everything. So in Monte Carlo and Nice I was not with my Contiki crew, so I had a nice relaxing time. At night, I suggest you roam the streets and have a squiz as the fountains and the statue men high up in the sky near the centre of Nice as they light up in different colours. It is quite pretty! 

There is also pretty good shopping here in Nice, mainly in the city centre. There is a variety of expensive and high street brands, so there is a good mix. You will without a doubt find something unique here and never stop wearing it!

Other places to visit include:

  1. Matisse museum
  2. Le Chateau
  3. The Russian Cathedral
  4. The Nice Port - Where the clubbing is great!

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