Sunday, 4 September 2011


Amazing little Amsterdam.

Well my first point to make here is that it was so clean it was crazy! Pointer - make note of the bike path! As I had rushed from London to Amsterdam (as we missed the Contiki bus), I didn't have enough time to have a look at the footpath and was nearly crashed into by a bike!

Other then that though it is amazing. The red light district (although a little out there) was a ridiculous amount of fun. There are all types of shows available t watch ranging from the rating X to XX or even XXX. There are also a lot of bars which I am sure I don't need to blog about - let your imagination run! (it is one of the things that Amsterdam is known for in our generation).

It's just fascinating because I do not originate from a culture which is at all remotely like this! In saying that, it is definitely something you need to see, and as my Contiki tour guide had told us "just because it's different, doesn't mean its wrong". This definitely applies to Amsterdam.

Now apart from the crazy night-life, there is also some beautiful places you need to see! The top places I suggest you should see or do are:

  1. Travel the Canal on a boat
  2. Go to the Heineken factory
  3. Go see a peep show (as random as that is!)
  4. Go to the Anne frank museum and house
  5. Visit the Van Gough museum! ( I cannot stress this enough! Especially if you are an art lover!)
  6. And of course - go to the " I AMSTERDAM" attraction... seen below

Now my last tip is, when rushing to book your ticket - please CHECK THE DATE! You can access one great website here, just make sure the date is correct - as I had to buy TWO tickets to Amsterdam!

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