Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Monte Carlo

Word of advice... DONT forget your ID at your hotel when you get dressed to go to The Casino de Monte-Carlo! Walking back to your hotel in high heels whilst everyone is enjoying their time in the casino is a bit of a drag. Regardless of that it is absolutely beautiful place due to the stunning water fountains and the perfect GRASS! I have never seen grass so perfect!

The shopping here is ridiculously expensive so unfortunately I am unable to comment on where to go after seeing an endless sea of top notch brands, so instead I focused on the food. Again the stalls with the nutella crepe's became my ultimate best friends whilst walking around the 'port'. The reason for the inverted commas is mainly because its not your average port. The boats are more yachts and are actually divine to see. I had spoken to a lady working on one who ended up being Australian! She loved it and said it was a great way to travel the world and nearly talked me into getting a job on one of them - even though I get sea sick!

There is a pub located at the end of the port, (when you look at it and the water is on your left side) that has really nice steaks called Brasserie De Monaco. If you like rare steak - I'm sorry to tell you but French are the only people who know how to cook a rare steak! Believe me! So take this into consideration when ordering. They also offered raspberry beer which was pretty nice considering I'm not beer's number one fan. It was also completely packed and we had to wait to get a table but I assume that is because of the World Cup (football - or soccer) finals.

Also, we stayed at the Novotel and squished in a friend of ours that we met up with - and although it's not what I would call cheap, it's one of the cheapest I found  in Monte Carlo averaging about 100 Aussie Dollars per person. Hence why we stayed only one night.

Next Stop Nice.

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