Friday, 7 October 2011


The only Island that has shifty taxi drivers working when they are supposed to be on strike!

Well... we definitely didn't use that to our advantage! My cousin and I were at the Best Western... I know it's not a budget hotel... in my defence I didn't book it. Although, I am glad I stayed there. I had their SoufflĂ© about twice a day perhaps... possibly more. That can be verified by my cousin! Anyway, their restaurant was just perfect. Great service and great food... even when you didn't get what you ordered!

We also saw the petaloudes (the butterflies). This is supposed to be a major attraction in Rhodes and unfortunately, we saw about two. Apparently, summer isn't the season for butterflies. We didn't do much site seeing, although we did see some castle's, though I cannot remember the name of them! To be honest - wasn't that spectacular. 

Now what you should do if you are in Rhodes for a few days is make a trip across to Turkey and check out the Bazaars. Being two young foreign girls, we were a little scared to go on our own so we didn't end up going - a grave regret of mine!  

Although we did shop for endless hours. Now I wont get into all the bad luck that we had, but to be honest... there was so much of it... it's almost laughable! To the point where I had to get my boyfriend from Kithira to call my hotel and force them to help us find a way to the hotel from the airport (hence the shifty cab driver). 

The old town in Rhodes is also definitely something you should see. My fathers best friend is from there, and told us to let him know before we go as he lives there for the summer, but I unfortunately forgot and therefore couldn't find the authentic clubs in the old town. Although, we did come across Colorado Club, and if you like old school rock and roll you will have an absolute blast! Definitely suggest that club to everyone! The performer was playing electric violin for crying out loud! SINCE WHEN IS THERE AN ELECTRIC VIOLIN! Anyway, I just felt like showing you my enthusiasm!

The food in Rhodes was not my favourite hence why we ate at the restaurant every night... also I was addicted to a Turkish series called Menekse ile Halil... (Greek subtitles), so I had to be close to my hotel to watch it... Every night. He is dreamy!

So that's Rhodes in a nutshell... Hope it helps! 

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